Media: Deadly Economy - 'Advancing Fossil-Fueled Death'

Deadly Economy

Full Press Release:

Philadelphians opposed to fossil fuel development loudly greeted guests of Energized Economy, a Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia event at the National Museum of American Jewish History . Inverting the event’s marketing slogans, protesters held banners reading “Deadly Economy” and “Advancing Fossil-Fueled Death” in front of the museum’s doors. The event featured speakers from the American Gas Association, Shell Pennsylvania Chemicals, and Governor Tom Wolf's Office of Energy. Corporate sponsors included Energy Transfer, New Jersey Resources’ Adelphia Gateway natural gas pipeline project, and natural gas company UGI.

The fossil fuel industry's goals for Philadelphia haven't changed since the 1800s, when they began transporting oil from western Pennsylvania to the banks of the Schuylkill and Delaware River. They've had 150 years to run our energy economy. In that time, they've soaked Philadelphia's soil and water in pollution, fueled climate change, consumed hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies and tax exemptions, given Philadelphia some of the dirtiest air in the country, and narrowly missed releasing a toxic gas cloud across the city. The time is up for so-called civil discourse.

#directaction #climatedirectaction #fossilfuel #deadlyeconomy #pollution #philadelphia #renewableenergy #protest

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