Illustration: PGW P3 LNG Plant - The Real Facts

Here are some of the real facts about Philadelphia Gas Works's proposed Passyunk Plant P3 LNG Project (Passyunk Energy Center) in southwest Philly - currently working its way through PHL Council.

This is a direct response from residents to the lobbying and misinformation directed at City Council by PGW and its project partners. As Philadelphia residents, we will pay for the financial and health consequences of City Council's choice.

THIS IS NOT A DONE DEAL! Contact City Council now to voice your opposition to Bill #181063. We need a just transition to renewable energy and not more fossil fuel infrastructure from the nation's largest municipally owned gas utility! #environmentaljustice

#lnginfrastructure #philadelphiagasworks #renewableenergy #environmentaljustice #environmentalracism #lobbying #fossilfuel #asthma #citycouncil #rocksolidfacts

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