Tell PA DEP How You Feel About The Adelphia Gateway Pipeline Compressor Stations

Send in your comments by TOMORROW (12/14) on the Adelphia Gateway Pipeline compressor stations! Details below. To convert an old oil pipeline to natural gas, Adelphia (owned by New Jersey Resources) needs to build two dirty compressor stations: one in West Rockhill Township (Bucks County), one in Marcus Hook (Delaware County). The compressor stations would emit VOCs, NOx, CO, and particulate matter, contributing to poor air quality across the region--as well as ~34,000 tons of greenhouse gasses annually.

PA DEP held two public hearings for the compressor stations last week. At the Bucks County hearing, a room full of upset residents voiced concerns about pollution and outrage at Adelphia's disrespect towards their homes. Some residents and larger environmental organizations proposed the compressor station simply be moved somewhere else. Two EDGE members went to the Delaware County hearing. The Delaware County compressor station would be across the street from a crowded residential block. But it's in an environmental justice neighborhood that's already full of dirty industries. Fewer than 20 residents attended, and even fewer spoke. Will PA DEP wonder why? This is environmental injustice in action.

When you send your comments to , make sure you advocate for everyone's air.

PA DEP draft plan approval:

Coverage of the Bucks hearing:

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