Appalachians Against Pipelines - They Won't Back Down!

From Appalachians Against Pipelines:

Two anonymous snowpeople have locked themselves together, blockading all entrance to the tree sits (standing strong in their 97th day!) on Yellow Finch Lane. All work on Yellow Finch Lane has been blocked!

The protesters issued the following joint statement: "We snowpeople, protectors of childhood homes and wintertime nostalgia, are taking action today in solidarity with the Yellow Finch tree sitters and their fight against extraction, capitalism, and settler colonialism. We have long opposed these things. They attack all the things we love: carrot noses, hand knitted scarves, hot chocolate, and old toboggans. These are the old magics of the world, and with every passing generation they are cheapened. These joys that cannot be sold and packaged fit only poorly into this world of commodities.

Climate change must be stopped. At any cost. For the snowpeople and for all people. Before we all melt."

Donate to support the snowpeople and the tree sits!

#appalachiansagainstpipelines #civildisobedience #directaction #treesit #pipeline #fracking #appalachia #settlercolonialism #solidarity #climatechange

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