Philadelphia Bail Watch Report

Just-published Philadelphia Bail Watch report:

See the press release here:

Philadelphia Bail Fund:

Philadelphia Bail Watch is a court watch initiative that invites members of

the public to observe preliminary arraignment hearings (commonly known

as bail hearings) in Philadelphia criminal court. Philadelphia Bail Watch was

launched in April 2018 as a joint initiative of the Philadelphia Bail Fund

and Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts, designed to collect and share the

public’s perceptions of Philadelphia’s preliminary arraignment process in

order to monitor the current process and advocate for improvements.

In the nearly six months since Philadelphia Bail Watch was launched,

over 76 members of the public have volunteered their time to visit

the Criminal Justice Center in downtown Philadelphia to observe

bail hearings and provide their comments on what they witnessed.

In total, volunteers have observed 611 hearings between April 19,

2018 and August 31, 2018. In 50.1% of these hearings, people were

issued cash bail in amounts ranging from $300 to $750,000.

Philadelphia Inquirer article:

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