Workshop: Water Ways Fracking Game for Physicians for Social Responsibility PA Health Check-Up

Water Ways is an interactive illustrated project created to tell the stories of water and the effects that the natural gas industry has on the area commonly known as Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Each illustration consists of dozens of small vignettes that highlight people's struggles as they strive to protect the water and land on which we all survive. In our interactive presentations, we discuss fracking, the dangers and perceived benefits, politics in Pennsylvania that support the industry, resistance, cultural context, oppressive systems, and visions for the future. Water Ways is created by Bri Barton and Meg Lemieur.

Water Ways along with an EDGE member will be kicking off the Physicians for Social Responsibility conference on October 13th by playing/performing the Water Ways Fracking Game. This special role-playing game will unravel the multi-faceted story of how the fracking industry impacts communities, ecosystems, and politics, while the resilient resistance fights for our future.

Game Description:

Your character is a resident of Rivertown. There is a pipeline proposed to be built through Rivertown and there's a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the situation! A representative from BigGasCo will be in attendance to answer/deflect questions and Rivertown's very own mayor will co-host. Information about the infrastructure, risks and uses of natural gas will be followed by an open forum. Whether you're a biologist, a construction worker, a single parent or a college student, everyone has something at stake in this decision. Come voice your opinion and try to sway your neighbors!

#thewaterways #physiciansforsocialresponsibility #healthimpact #fracking #unconventionalgasdevelopment #art #communityrights #ecosystems #pipeline #townhallmeeting

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