"I'm Home" [from jail] - Ellen Sue Gerhart

Via Ellen Sue Gerhart

"I'm home."

"Those two words are packed with enormous emotion, more than I ever thought possible. For the past two months I have been incarcerated in the Centre County Correctional Facility in Bellefonte, PA, by order of Huntingdon County Judge George Zanic, for indirect contempt of an order he issued in favor of Energy Transfer Partners' construction of the dangerous and still incomplete Mariner East 2 pipeline. My family, supporters, and I have fought this project for over 3 years, and during that time, ETP, in collaboration with our Pennsylvania state and local governments, has worked to criminalize those who stand in opposition to their greed and destruction.

During these past two months, I was overwhelmed and surprised by the hundreds of cards and letters of support sent by family, friends, and people I have not had the privilege to meet...yet. I've also heard about prayer vigils and other gatherings of support held in my 'honor'. It was this outpouring of support that made my time in jail bearable. I was also humbled by the comments that people were inspired to get involved with the protests against pipelines and fracking. This fight is much bigger than one person or one place. We must support one another, no matter which pipeline or what fracking company, or other injustice we are protesting. Whether it's ETP's Mariner East 2, Bayou Bridge, Rover, or pipelines still in the planning stage, whether it's other issues of gender, race, or economic inequality - We must support each other in whatever way possible.

This is a fight for the planet, the people, and the generations to come. We cannot drop this protest, but instead, should make our voices louder and stronger. Thank you again for all of the strength your voices have provided."

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