New Report: The Outlook for Philadelphia’s Neighborhood Refinery

PES Refinery

The Outlook for Philadelphia’s Neighborhood Refinery

“Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) may face bankruptcy again by 2022. Meanwhile, Sunoco’s efforts to remediate legacy pollution at the PES refinery omitted public involvement requirements, raising serious legal questions and new engagement opportunities.”

- new report by Christina Simeone, director of policy and external affairs at the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy.

Read the executive summary here:

"Some may believe that after emerging from bankruptcy reorganization in August 2018 there is no longer a need to pay attention to what's happening at Philadelphia's neighborhood refinery, Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES). But, the exact opposite is true. Now, more than ever, involvement from municipal leaders and the public is pivotal."

"The omission of public involvement in the remediation planning for the refinery is a meaningful grievance. Given the magnitude, severity, and toxicity of the site’s contamination, coupled with its proximity to highly populated environmental justice neighborhoods, population centers, and drinking water resources, public involvement is critical to informing the municipality and community about existing risks, appropriateness of site-specific standards, and remediation options. In turn, this input could inform, improve, and garner public support for the project approach and goals."

"There is only one chance to inform and influence Sunoco and Energy Transfer Partner’s legal obligation to fund the cleanup of Philadelphia’s neighborhood refinery. This remediation project is important to the future of the City and its residents, and the project will benefit from active public involvement and support."

***** Read the full report here:

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