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Energy Transfer Partners Revolution Pipeline Explosion - Pennsylvania

Seems to us like everybody but Energy Transfer Partners and our governor know that these things are bound to happen on these dangerous pipelines.

From Camp White Pine:

Some photos of the aftermath from Energy Transfer Partners pipeline explosion in Beaver County, Pennsylvania 9/10/18. Also pictured is ETPs public response while evacuations were still ongoing.

The word is that although there was no loss of human life, there were multiple pets lost in the fire.

One house was completely incinerated and its occupants, including a 10 year old child, barely escaped. Two garages, a barn and a handful of cars were also burned. Six large transformers were destroyed and approximately 1500 people were without power. Highways and roadways were also shut down.

This pipeline, dubbed "Revolution" went in to service ONE WEEK before the catastrophic failure and explosion.

What does justice for these kinds of man-made disasters look like to you?

More coverage of the explosion from DeSmog Blog:

"Just before dawn Monday morning, Chuck Belczyk thought a jet had crashed near his home roughly 25 miles outside Pittsburgh — until he heard the sound of hissing gas. “And that’s when it all hit us what was happening,” Belczyk told NPR’s State Impact. “You knew the pipeline went.”

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