New Anaerobic Digester Facility Proposed at PES Refinery Philadelphia

BREAKING: The PES refinery, Philadelphia's #1 polluter, announced a massive greenwashing campaign today. RNG Energy Solutions will build eight bioreactors at PES to processs 1,100 tons of "organic waste" per day.

Mayor Jim Kenney's administration isn't just handing PES a PR gift with this closed-door deal; it's entrusting more waste and pollution to a corporation that can't handle the filth it already has. PES is currently in violation of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and RCRA. Last year, PES released 127,482 pounds of nitrates and 2,510 pounds of ammonia into the Schuylkill River. There are seemingly few places in Philadelphia where garbage doesn't belong, but PES is one of them.

From PES Refinery release:

PHILADELPHIA (August 27, 2018) – RNG Energy Solutions (RNG Energy) and Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refining and Marketing LLC (PES) announced today that they have completed and executed several contracts including a long-term renewable natural gas sales agreement and site lease agreement to build a state-of-the-art anaerobic digester facility. The facility will be named Point Breeze Renewable Energy (PBRE) and located at the PES Refining Complex.

RNG Energy will develop and construct the $120 million anaerobic digester facility to produce renewable natural gas, which will be injected into the Interstate Pipeline and sold as a transportation fuel for bus and truck fleets. Permitting and construction of the project is estimated to take two to three years.

Organic waste consisting of grocery, restaurant, and food processing wastes will be processed at offsite locations and delivered in fully enclosed tanker trucks to the PBRE facility. The facility will be designed to process up to 1,100 tons per day of diverted organic waste in eight bioreactors visually similar to the surrounding refinery tankage.

The PBRE facility will be one of the largest carbon reduction, renewable and sustainable resource projects constructed in Pennsylvania. The City of Philadelphia and the broader metropolitan region will be able to manage their organic waste streams by collecting and sending their processed organic material to the PBRE facility, thereby avoiding disposal in landfills and assisting the City in achieving its sustainability goals.

“We have initiated our outreach activities with the broader local leadership, community groups, various elected officials and labor representatives and, as expected, have secured extensive support for this project,” said RNG Energy President, James Potter. “We look forward to sharing the regional environmental benefits of renewable natural gas as well as being an important part of the local community and PES Refinery Complex.”

“We are pleased to partner with RNG Energy to bring a reliable supply of clean energy to the region,” said Mark Smith, CEO of PES. “Adding the capability to produce in-demand green transportation fuel will diversify our offering, generate additional sources of revenue and bring additional jobs to the refinery complex.”

“I’m proud to welcome RNG Energy and its Point Breeze Renewable Energy Project to Philadelphia,” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “The project will bring hundreds of much-needed jobs over its two-year construction, as well as dozens of permanent jobs, and I look forward to seeing this effort move forward.”


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