JOIN US in Louisiana at the L'eau Est La Vie Camp - No Bayou Bridge

From L'eau Est La Vie Camp - No Bayou Bridge:

Over the past several months we have deployed over 50 worksite actions to disrupt and stop construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. We are also on day 35 of continuous blockades in the Atchafalaya Basin (one of the largest swamps in North America).

But with Energy Transfer Partners' recent escalation in tactics, we need more protectors here with us on the frontlines.

JOIN US in Louisiana at the L'eau Est La Vie Camp.

Email us at with your name, phone number, why you want to come to camp, when you will be arriving and how long you plan on staying. We will respond with the directions to camp and what to bring.

Please note that if show up to camp without emailing us first and without receiving an email invitation, you will not be allowed to enter camp.


The Bayou Bridge Pipeline is the tail end of DAPL and would connect with the DAPL system to bring oil from North Dakota to export terminals in Louisiana. L'eau Est La Vie is french (the language of the United Houma Nation) for Water Is Life.

In addition to coming to Camp, you can also support our movement by donating:

Or organizing a solidarity action:

#NoBayouBridge #StopETP #WaterIsLife

(thanks to Design Action Collective for the image!)

#leauestlaviecamp #bayoubridgepipeline #pipelineresistance #directaction #stopETP #waterislife #dakotaaccesspipeline #energytransferpartners #blockade #frontlinecommunities #waterprotector

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