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Scrapyard Fire in Kensington/Port Richmond

Photo From NBC 10, Around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, the fire was first spotted at the scrapyard on Tulip and Somerset streets.

NBC 10 article: Smoke Billows From Massive Junkyard Fire in Philly for Hours

IMPORTANT INFO about the scrapyard fire in Kensington/Port Richmond:

- Richmond, VA issued a shelter-in-place warning for a similar scrapyard fire in January. Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management's latest tweet is about bringing water to 4th of July festivities, so don't count on them. Shelter-in-place means turning off a/c and shutting/sealing windows and doors. Here's a link about Richmond:

- UPDATE: as of midnight, the PM2.5 level near the fire was over 400 ug/m3. The EPA 24-hour standard is 35. Its annual standard is 12. Realtime readings are here:

- CityLab and The Atlantic shared new research strengthening the link between PM2.5 pollution and diabetes and lead exposure and infertility. The PM2.5 research found that "the risk of diabetes starts at about 2.4 μg/m3."

Clean Air Council has been trying to get the city to act on this scrapyard for years. Our city agencies are toothless and passive. Call Phila City & County Air Management Services and report the fire and air pollution. Then call your Councilperson and Mayor Kenney and ask why AMS doesn't do its job and why Philadelphia OEM doesn't prepare communities for this kind of totally forseeable disaster. In the meantime, stay safe.

This article on the aftermath of a scrapyard fire in Oakland has good information to compare with Philly. It includes the criticism that fire departments used water to put out a metal fire instead of foam, and that the city didn't warn residents effectively.

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