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Mariner East 2 pipeline construction block

From Middletown Coalition for Community Safety


Media contact: (484) 441-3308 or

MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania, July 10, 2018— Six mothers and grandmothers blocked construction of Sunoco’s Mariner East 2 pipeline early Tuesday morning, in Middletown Township, Delaware County. Accompanied by numerous supporters, the area-residents staged a sit-in protest of the pipeline construction early Tuesday morning, resulting in the arrest of two local residents.

The “Mama Bear Brigade”, including Middletown Township residents and Glenwood Elementary School parents, are women concerned about their children and grandchildren in the blast zone of the pipeline. They blocked construction of the pipeline after entering onto a drill site and occupying the area to prevent operation of the drill rig.

The drill site is just a short distance from Glenwood Elementary School and connects directly to the section of pipe that was struck during by Aqua contractors in June after Sunoco mis-reported the depth of their own newly-installed pipe. Glenwood Elementary has been the epicenter of the hotly contested pipeline debate in Delaware County due to its proximity to Mariner East 2 and 2X and an above-ground valve station. The June pipeline strike only amplified concerns expressed by the community.

The residents, who have been engaged in advocacy work for 2 years, and who have met with all their local and state officials, including with Governor Wolf, said they had been left with no other choice to and stop construction of this reckless and dangerous pipeline, after appeals to government officials, hearings before regulatory agencies, and legal action in the courts all slowed, but failed to halt, Sunoco’s efforts to build a pipeline to carry highly-explosive materials through densely-populated suburbs.

The women were later released by police after receiving citations for trespassing.

Click here to read the Press Release in full:

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