Shutdown of Bayou Bridge Pipeline Worksite

From L'eau Est La Vie Camp - No Bayou Bridge


This morning Mark Tilsen, an Oglala Lakota water protector locked-down to a critical construction site for the Bayou Bridge Pipeline in southern Louisiana. All construction was SHUT DOWN.

When police arrived on the scene they arrested all support people at the site, including those across the street from the action. Those arrested include direct support people, media, and Cherri Foytlin.

A total of seven people were arrested. **update - all folks have now been released**

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We also ask that you join in solidarity with those on the frontlines and take part in the #RiseTogether Weeks of Action:

The Bayou Bridge Pipeline would connect to the Dakota Access Pipeline system to bring oil from North Dakota to export terminals in Louisiana.

The pipeline would cut through the Atchafalaya Basin and St. James, a community of color already inundated with toxic fossil fuel infrastructure. A court ruled that Energy Transfer Partners must stop work near St. James and provide the community with an evacuation route. But ETP has ignored the court order and is continuing construction.

You can watch the livestream of the action HERE:

#NoBayouiBridge #StopETP #GiveStJamesAwayOut

#bayoubridgepipeline #atchafalayabasin #energytransferpartners #louisiana #directaction #waterprotector #dakotaaccesspipeline #arrests #environmentaljustice

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