Workshop: Environmental Organizing Trainings

We had the pleasure of coordinating environmental organizing trainings for high school students at Highland Park High in New Jersey part of the annual student-run EcoFest that takes place!

Our trainer Alex Lotorto created an exercise where the students drew their ideal communities quickly followed by Halliburton coming in with its fracking infrastructure to destroy them. What did the students do?... They powerfully fought back hard to regain local control. Thanks to Alex for sharing this and other tools which laid a foundation for active outreach and organizing by students in communities.

"I have seen hundreds of outcomes from the role-play doing the workshop over the years and this group of students were the most clever." - Alex

Thanks to our project partner Water Ways and Meg Lemieur for sharing their detailed illustration and poignant stories of the impacts of fracking during workshops with the students as well!

#environmentaljustice #environmentalracism #solidarity #highschool #trainings #future #nofrackingway #defendwhatyoulove

#highschool #environmentalorganizing #environmentaljustice #environmentalracism #solidarity #trainings #fracking #waterways #workshop

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