Breaking News: Mariner East 1 Pipeline Shutdown After Sinkholes From ME2

Update: the PUC granted the emergency shutdown. Mariner East 1 will be shut down for 10 - 14 days while Sunoco does mandatory inspections of the pipeline and attempt to fix the surrounding area. That is, unless Sunoco successfully appeals the halt, though the PUC is not quite as toothless as PA DEP.

BREAKING NEWS: the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission is seeking an immediate shutdown of the Mariner East 1 pipeline after several large sinkholes opened up around it during Mariner East 2/2X construction.

The latest sinkholes, from Sunoco's negligent drilling through karst, are the size of a small swimming pool, and other sinkholes seem to be developing in the area. The sinkholes exposed the ME1 pipeline, which has highly explosive NGLs running through it. Despite this, Sunoco did not shut down the pipeline or notify regulators, and instead chose to try to pump the surrounding area with concrete.

More information here:

Photo by Eric Friedman:

Sinkholes in the area started in November 2017:

“There was also an area where the soil settled, creating a hole. The area is safe, it has been secured and the area will be fully restored.” - Jeff Shields, Nov 2017

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