Video: ME2 Pipeline Inadvertent Return in Susquehanna River Watershed

Edited by EDGE member, video from local resident

UPDATE: New violation issued today 3-19-18 (link in comments) According to ETP/Sunoco’s word it was 500 Gallons Per Minute... Everyone within 450 feet of HDD both public and private water supplies need to be notified and could be impacted... But hey as long as a PA licensed geologist reports on why it happened and how it will be managed in the future - drilling can start back up!!!

***Breaking: Another inadvertent return of industrial waste from Energy Transfer Partners/Sunoco during Horizontal Directional Drilling of Mariner East 2 pipeline construction in Susquehanna River Watershed - drinking water for millions. Frankstown Township, Blair County, PA

Residents are forced to report the facts. The health and safety of our communities and the environment are paying the price. Governor Tom Wolf Attorney General Josh Shapiro Josh Shapiro

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection reported spill of only 200 gallons on March 15, 2018. However, local residents observed an estimated 200 gallons per minute (aquifer breach) on March 17, 2018.

Residents, Clean Air Council, Mountain Watershed Association and Delaware Riverkeeper Network in November 2017 warned of the risks of HDD in this area:

"HDD is inappropriate [at the Frankstown site] because of the high risk of inadvertent returns into Waters of the Commonwealth...the geology and topography of the site mean that drilling could lead to discharge of contaminated groundwater, further jeopardizing surface waters, and resulting in Impact to groundwater that have not been explored."

Today, Clean Air Council's case against PA DEP and Sunoco for Breach of Contract is moving forward in Harrisburg court:

#StopETP #ResistMarinerEast #PeopleNotPipelines #EnvironmentNotCorporations

#marinereast2 #inadvertentreturn #pollution #susquehanna #watershed #pipelinespill #pennsylvania #energytransferpartners #sunoco #environmentalrights

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