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FERC: "The Most Dangerous Federal Agency You've Never Heard Of"

Beyond Extreme Energy rally at FERC headquarters in Washington, D.C. Credit: Elvert Barnes

FERC, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which rejected 2 gas pipelines out of 400 since 1999, to review approval policy... New report from Steve Horn of DeSmog Blog:

Perhaps the most vocal #FERC critic, the group Beyond Extreme Energy #BXE has said that it does not trust the agency and remains skeptical of what it will do in the months ahead on the 1999 policy.

#FuckFERC #ResistFERC #AntiFERC #RubberStampRebellion

“If FERC were an agency which truly put the public interest first, the announced plan to review their process for approving pipelines would be a welcome development,” the group said in a press statement. “But facts don’t lie: over the past 30 years FERC has granted permits for all but two proposed interstate gas pipelines. It is a rubber stamp agency, and it has been this through both Democratic and Republican administrations.”


Support an upcoming series of smart, informative, powerful videos about Extreme Energy, FERC, and our work together:

Read BXE's full response to FERC's upcoming review:

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