More Proof Of What We've Known For Years: Fracking Harms The People Living Close To It

Photo by Matt Rourke/AP

This photo is from Governor Wolf's inauguration three years ago, when eight people were arrested for demanding a ban on fracking. We'll keep asking: Governor Wolf and the PA Legislature: how many underweight babies are worth fracking's short-term economic benefit?

New, Major Evidence That Fracking Harms Human Health

A child born very close to a well is likely to be smaller and less healthy than a child born farther away. Read the article from Robinson Meyer here:

*** Read the full research text, published in Science Advances -- the largest study ever conducted on fracking’s health effects:

From Robinson Meyer's article:

The researchers took the birth records for every child born in Pennsylvania from 2004 to 2013—more than 1.1 million infants in total—and looked at the mother’s proximity to a fracking site, using the state of Pennsylvania’s public inventory of fracking-well locations. They used private state records that showed the mother’s address, allowing them to pinpoint where every infant spent its nine months in utero.

They found significant, but very local, consequences. Infants born to mothers who lived within two miles of a fracking well are less healthy and more underweight than babies born to mothers who lived even a little further away. Babies born to mothers who lived between three and 15 miles from a fracking well—that is, still close enough to benefit financially from the wells—resembled infants born throughout the rest of the state.

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