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Project Partner: Water Ways - An Illustrated Series

Water Ways is a series of illustrations telling the story of how the natural gas industry impacts ecosystems, politics, communities, water, and resistance in so-called Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the surrounding area. To date. a large 13' x 10' display print is available for guided, interactive presentations and 27" x 39" posters are available for donation accompanied by a narrative booklet that will guide you through the story.

Project website:



The project is a collaboratively-drawn series of highly detailed pen and ink illustrations. Each illustration consists of dozens of small vignettes that highlight people's struggles with companies and our own government as they strive to protect the water and land on which we all survive. The illustrators on this project are Bri Barton and Meg Lemieur.

As a partner in the Water Ways project, E.D.G.E. offered our knowledge of the oil and gas industry, PA politics and activist organizations, and connected the artists with impacted individuals across Pennsylvania -- who in turn shared their struggles and will host Water Ways events. Through these connections and subsequent story-sharing events, Water Ways strengthens coalitions extending throughout the region by sharing the extensive story and emboldening environmental groups to resist the polluting gas industry along all parts of their poisonous process.

Young Farmers of PA event in Kimberton, PA

(above - presentation at Kimberton CSA for Young Farmers of PA Fall Potluck)

(above - presentation at Temple University for Liberal Arts Graphic Thinking Conference)

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