Rally Support: U.S. Policy is Harming Borikén [Puerto Rico] - Break the Silence!

In conjunction with Diaspora In Action: https://www.facebook.com/DiasporainAction2017/ and

Voces Del Barrio: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Occupyelbarriophilly/

Join us, Diaspora In Action and Voces Del Barrio, on Friday, Sept 29th at City Hall/Thomas Paine Plaza for a rally to demand that the president, decision makers in Washington DC, and FEMA help the people of Puerto Rico and supply the hurricane relief that is desperately needed NOW. The recent hurricanes have devastated the island of Puerto Rico, a United States colony, but despite the vast wealth and resources of this country, the US is withholding aid to the Puerto Rican people due to bureaucracy, the antiquated Jones Act, and racism. "[Hurricane Maria] shredded the power grid, which was already suffering from decades of poverty and a Wall Street-addled fiscal crisis, raising the prospect that an area similar in population to Philadelphia and its immediate suburbs won’t have electricity for months. Streets are still flooded...much of the island’s lush green vegetation is in ruins. So is 80 percent of Puerto Rico’s farmland, raising the specter of long-term food shortages...perhaps 60 percent of citizens lack potable water...[A] record heat wave has descended on the island, testing the elderly and the infirm. ... The U.S. Senate is spending most of its time on a (thankfully) futile effort to take health insurance away from 32 million Americans while Puerto Ricans are sticking out their tongues trying to catch a few raindrops. ... [T]he United Nations has repeatedly lambasted the United States over the years for its archaic colonial rule of the island — an idea that doesn’t seem to register in a place where people didn’t even know Puerto Ricans are citizens...[T]he board overseeing Puerto Rico’s recovery is larded with representatives from Wall Street, not the island’s citizens, and which is causing even higher taxes and other austerity hardships to make sure that hedge-fund millionaires and billionaires who speculated on the island’s debts get their money back...3.4 million Americans are pleading for their lives to a president they were not allowed to vote for and praying for an aid package from a Congress where they are denied representation. That’s a human rights abuse about which we on the mainland should no longer remain silent." (Philly.com: "Save Puerto Rico's Americans - and stop treating them like a 19th century colony ", 9/26/17) Please Join us and help the People of Puerto Rico receive the help and justice they deserve! For more information please email us at: Vocesdelbarrio11@gmail.com


Some relief and action efforts:


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