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Without Remediation, Diamond In The Rough A Risky Play

Photo by E.D.G.E. member Coryn Wolk

See full article for Hidden City Philadelphia by Coryn Wolk:

"The Philadelphia Energy Solutions Field at 35th and Moore in South Philadelphia isn’t easy to find. The manicured baseball field, home of the Marzano Scout League and Philadelphia Senators, is situated at the intersection of two dead-end streets in an industrial corridor parallel to I-95. Parking spaces for the field are scattered between an assortment of non-potable water trucks, short-dumping piles, and trailers of dubious operability that changes from week to week. The field itself is surrounded by Philadelphia Energy Solutions’ oil refining complex, a Verizon building, and Buckley & Company contractors."

"The Philadelphia Energy Solutions ball field’s situation is more notable for its symbolism. Depending on your perspective, the Metallurgical Products Co.’s transformation into a manicured ball field is either innovative or prophetic. Along the Schuylkill River nearby, former industrial sites are being transformed into public greenspace and lower-impact business facilities, such as the Grays Ferry Crescent Trail and new Pennovation Center. There is even discussion of transforming some of Philadelphia Energy Solutions into greenspace if the refinery doesn’t recover from its current financial distress. However, in the River Wards, families are experiencing the risks of reintroducing everyday life into heavily contaminated land. Whether in trying to replace its lost manufacturing jobs or in children being poisoned by decades-old lead, Philadelphia’s industrial past is always just below the surface."

See full article for Hidden City Philadelphia by Coryn Wolk:

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