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Peaceful Direct Action Against Dakota Access Construction Sites

Stopping Dakota Access Pipeline

Photo from Unicorn Riot

"On election night 2016, we began our peaceful direct action campaign to a Dakota Access construction site and burned at least 5 pieces of heavy machinery in Buena Vista County, IA. Details regarding this action are attached to this statement below. This was information which was not shared with the public. We recognize that our action wasn’t much, but we at least stopped construction for a day at that particular site.

We then began to research the tools necessary to pierce through 5/8 inch steel pipe, the material used for this pipeline. In March we began to apply this self-gathered information. We began in Mahaska County, IA, using oxy-acetylene cutting torches to pierce through exposed, empty steel valves, successfully delaying completion of the pipeline for weeks. After the success of this peaceful action, we began to use this tactic up and down the pipeline, throughout Iowa (and a part of South Dakota), moving from valve to valve until running out of supplies, and continuing to stop the completion of this project. More information on these actions is followed at the end of this statement."

- Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya, the two women who claimed responsibility for sabotage to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

Read the full coverage and press release here and watch the video of their peaceful surrender thanks to Unicorn Riot:

Or watch the video on Unicorn Riot's facebook page:

Visit Mississippi Stand which was started in Iowa in August 2016 to stop the destruction of their waters by the Dakota Access Pipeline. Beginning as an encampment to stop the desecration against the Mississippi River, it then began to defend other waterways in Iowa as a mobile resistance caravan. Jessica and Ruby are involved with Mississippi Stand and came out publicly about other peaceful tactics they used against DAPL machinery and the pipeline itself. Follow their webpage for continued developments in their case of resistance to DAPL and the protection of their waterways.

Visit Democracy Now for their coverage:

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