Video: Environmental Stewardship Is Not Criminal

In solidarity with Camp White Pine, the Gerhart family and all fossil fuel infrastructure fighters! Please share and support! ***Please donate to their bail and legal fund: ***Camp White Pine: “I would hope that people can recognize that 'environmentalist' is used as a dirty word in a lot of ways and I think that’s really missing the point. We are dependent on eco-systems, watersheds, and air -- the same way you would want your home to be protected, you would want your environment to be protected — that only makes your existence more stable. To let anyone ruin that or destroy that is allowing a criminal act to happen.” - Elise Gerhart The Gerhart family in Huntingdon, PA and a huge number of dedicated volunteers have been working to stop the Energy Transfer Partners/Sunoco Mariner East 2 pipeline from being built. The pipeline puts resident's health and safety in harms way and too many miles of beautiful Pennsylvania forests, water ways, and wetlands at risk. As a last resort, volunteers have taken to the trees and used direct action to stop it from being built. Arrest is imminent. Corporations get whatever they ask for in Pennsylvania. In turn, they commit criminal acts of exploitation - they take from the earth without giving anything back. The industry narrative twists the truth and uses language like 'hijacked by anarchists and eco-terrorists' when the reality is that when law enforcement won't help you, the courts won't help you, the regulatory agencies won't help you, you have to help yourself and rely on your community and other allies. "There's that lack of respect and there's that lack of feeling responsible and feeling stewardship for the environment, and I think we need to get some of that back at some point before it's gone." - Ellen Gerhart Environmental stewardship is not criminal. We need more brave warriors standing up to the fossil fuel industry. End dirty gas exploitation. ----------- Gerhart interview/pipeline & forest aerials produced by Public Herald, a non-profit investigative news organization (original link to newsCOUP archival interview: Edited by Andrew Geller Additional Support by E.D.G.E. team

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