Panel Discussion: Tar Sands Valve Turners - Shut It Down & Disrupt The System

Original facebook event page:

We welcome the Valve Turners and supporters who took part in a coordinated act of civil disobedience taking over fossil fuel infrastructure - stopping 15% of U.S. crude oil imports for a day! Great discussion about what will be required of us if we are to maintain a livable planet for all.

A truly memorable night with people who have taken high risk against the real criminals -- the fossil fuel regime -- for climate justice, for us and for future generations. Thank you to Annette Klapstein, Jay O'Hara, Steve Liptay, Ken Ward, Leonard Higgins, Michael Foster for participating.

Thanks to our co-hosts Resist Sunoco PA and 350 Philadelphia

"There is a refreshing clarity now of the U.S. government in what they're really doing behind the scenes...the real problem here is capitalism and the imperialism of our country. We can't go on using other folks resources and polluting the atmosphere. It's up to us as citizens to insist on the changes from our country. Unless many of us say that climate change is a real problem the missed opportunity is going to go right by us. More of us need to be taking direct action. That's the only thing that will develop enough political will we need to overcome this crisis." - Leonard Higgins from the night

Find out how you can support the efforts of the Valve Turners who are fighting back against the fossil fuel industry and disrupting the system. For updates including current trial proceedings goto: or @ Shut It Down - Climate Direct Action

Donate to their Action Fund:

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