Video: FERC Vacancies Campaign - Commissioner Nominee Hearing

Edited by EDGE member for our friends at Beyond Extreme Energy

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee FERC Commissioner Nominee Hearing Washington D.C. - May 25, 2017

On Thursday, the violence that stands at the foundation of what FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) does was palpable as one by one, folks who stood up to speak out at the Senate Confirmation Hearing for commissioner candidates Neil Chatterjee and Robert Powelson were ripped from the room.

It's a historic moment in the history of the energy system on Turtle Island. Never before has FERC lacked the quorum it needs to approve fossil fuel infrastructure. Now is the time to act.

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FERC Doesn’t Work - Communities Need Protection Senate Education and Ask Sheet:

Over the next several weeks, let's do whatever we're able to do to disrupt or delay a vote on Trump's two picks for FERC. This could mean calling your senators and demanding they vote no. This could mean visiting your senators' district offices. It could mean holding a rally, or a sit-in. It could mean coming to DC to take nonviolent direct action when these votes actually happen. Whatever it is, this will happen in the next few weeks, and what we're able to do depends on all of us.

The quorum must be stopped. Help us #ResistFERC and keep these vacancies from being filled:

Join the #FERC Vacancies Campaign. No Compromise. No New Commissioners. No New Permits for fracked gas infrastructure.

Press Release:

#RubberStampRebellion #NoNewPermits #DefendWhatYouLove #PeopleNotPipelines

Music by Forrest Wilson:

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