ALEC Style Bills Aim to Criminalize Pipeline and Fracking Demonstrations Throughout Pennsylvania

Article from Sean Kitchen - contributor and assistant editor of the Raging Chicken Press.

Full article:

"The first overreach came in early March when Conestoga township officials slapped a condemnation notice on the Stand’s tobacco barn, which was being used to hold meetings and trainings. The building’s owners faced a thousand dollar a day fine for using the ban for “non-agricultural purposes,” but the notice was revoked days later when over 150 residents packed a Conestoga township meeting to complain about it. The latest overreach is coming from Republican State Senators Mike Regan and Scott Martin who have introduced, or are working on, “anti-terror” and civil liability bills that are part of a national trend to label environmental activists as economic terrorists."

State Senator Scott Martin's (Pennsylvania's 13th District serving Lancaster County) protest preparation seminar for "law enforcement, municipal officials and first responders to prepare for protests related to the potential construction of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline through portions of Lancaster County."


#alec #pipelineresistance #lancasterstand #frackingdemostrations #protest #civildisobedience #directaction #atlanticsunrise #ecoterrorists #lobbying

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