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Energy Transfer Partners & Sunoco Logistics are Polluting PA Waterways

ETP/Sunoco Logistics is polluting Pennsylvania waterways with clay and undisclosed chemicals. 3 spill incidents (May 3rd, 4th, 10th) in the past two weeks with a reported almost 600 gallons of lubricant leakage! And this is only in construction of a pipeline, not even in operation.

See article:

Leaks of drilling fluid are commonplace in Sunoco/Energy Transfer Partners operations. The first of the latest spills was in the Chester Creek (from a storm drain in front of a residential home) in Brookhaven Borough, Delaware County, PA on May 3rd, 2017. The drilling fluid being cleaned up from the creek and in front of several residential homes migrated to the surface 1/8-1/2 mile away from the actual drill site... Here is the notice of violation from the PA DEP:

Link to pdf of violation

Here's great comprehensive video from the incident area, including fly-overs, from independent journalist EarthGuardian:

A second update video as well from EarthGuardian with footage of drilling sites and encounters with workers:

The drilling fluid spilled during the construction of Mariner East 2 pipeline is purported non-toxic substance by Sunoco - **bentonite**, a slurry made of clay and water. But its pretty clear that horizontal drilling fluid contains more undisclosed chemicals than just bentonite - chemicals that Sunoco and DEP don't disclose but are considered industrial pollutants! Suffocating to aquatic life and harmful when anything drinks it - will these toxins leak into the drinking water...

From Middletown Coalition for Community Safety In April 2017, Energy Transfer Partners, Sunoco's corporate parent, spilled over 2 million gallons of drilling fluid into Ohio wetlands. "It's a tragedy in that we would anticipate this wetland won't recover to its original condition for decades," Ohio EPA spokesman James Lee told ThinkProgress.

Disturbing video from Ohio:

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection fined Sunoco Logistics only $95,000 for spilling drilling mud when drilling for the Mariner East 1 pipeline last September under the Little Mongo Creek on the west side of the state near Finleyville in Washington County, PA.

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