Illustration: Defend What You Love vol. 2

Created by E.D.G.E. member.

In support of Middletown Coalition for Community Safety (MCCS) - a nonpartisan grassroots group of parents and residents whose goal is to educate elected officials and the public regarding the risks associated with the proposed Mariner East 2 pipeline. The so called proposed "ME2" pipeline is a hazardous, highly volatile liquids (HVL) pipeline slated to run through all of Middletown Township, Delaware County, a densely populated "high consequence" area. MCCS is working to ensure that area specific impact studies are conducted, and that emergency preparedness, notification, and evacuation plans are in place for all residents and schools in close proximity to any proposed high pressure HVL line.

The top design features Glenwood Elementary School - a portion of the pipeline with valve station is slated for installation under a road 650 feet from the playground. Read about a simulated evacuation drill held at the school:

Design based on the initial illustration for Resist Sunoco PA fundraising campaign found here:

#middletowncommunity #publicsafety #resistmarinereast #pipelineresistance #resistsunocopa #stopetp #marinereast2 #children #defend #emergency

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