Pennsylvania Pipeline Resistance Week of Action March 15 – March 21, 2017

Learn more about the PA pipeline resistance week of action:

Hundreds, possibly thousands, of miles of pipelines are being laid across Pennsylvania despite the objections of residents and landowners. From the Mariner East to the Atlantic Sunrise, resistance is growing in many communities! Fracking and pipeline companies tell us that we need these fossil fuels even though we know that the vast majority of them are being exported, meaning that there is no benefit for PA residents. Pipeline companies tell us that they are safe despite the millions of gallons of fossil fuels that have been spilled from pipeline ruptures each year. Meanwhile, PA's Department of Environmental Protection has been hiding complaints of water contamination and willfully failing to hold the fracking companies responsible. And our new Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who ran his campaign on a promise to hold fracking companies accountable, is failing to investigate the DEP and put permits on hold until the investigation is complete. How can you join the resistance to these fracking profiteers? 1) Call AG Josh Shapiro's office today and demand that he investigate the DEP: 717-787-3391 2) Plan an action in your area! It doesn't take much. Just you and a group of friends, some poster board and markers, and a great location where you'll either get to talk to a lot of people about the dangers of pipelines or make an impression on legislators. If you'd like some guidance on planning an event for the PA Pipeline Resistance Week of Actions, RSVP via the Action Network link below and let us know how we can help you!

Learn more about resistance to Sunoco in PA:

For updates follow Resist Sunoco PA.


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