Video: Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro - Investigate the DEP!

Created by E.D.G.E. member

***Pennsylvanians from across the state are calling Attorney General Josh Shapiro asking him to investigate the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) for mishandling fracking-related complaints as exposed in a recent report by investigative journalists Public Herald.


Demand that Governor Wolf STOP all oil & gas construction permits until the investigation is complete.

Attorney General Shapiro has the responsibility and authority to investigate state officials or employees for criminal conduct affecting performance of their duties.

Call *717-787-3391

Send certified letter: Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General 16th Floor, Strawberry Square Harrisburg, PA 17120

#Shapirofightsforyou #investigateDEP #mishandlingfrackingcomplaints #pennsylvania #waterislife


Please share far and wide! Did YOU make the call? Write the certified letter? Send me a photo/video and I will share it with this post!


music by: Kraftwerk, The Telephone Call, Electric Cafe, 1987 written by Ralf Hütterm Florian Schneider, Karl Bartos

#environmentaljustice #attorneygeneral #depinvestigation #mishandling #fracking #frackingcomplaints #banfracking #investigativejournalism #oilandgas #permits #accountability #pennsylvania

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