“To Hell With Us” – Records of Misconduct Found Inside Pa. Drinking Water Investigations

New report from our friends at Public Herald:


“I think the state is in bed with the gas companies. My husband calls them DGP – Department of Gas Protection – because that’s what they’re about. To hell with us.” – Angela Smith, Bedford County

Since 2011, Public Herald has accumulated evidence that the Department either fails to follow the law or cannot properly address water contamination when it occurs.

After reviewing DEP complaint investigations, we found the Department violated Title 58, Section § 3218 of Pennsylvania’s Oil & Gas Law, which mandates the “Protection of Water Supplies.”

In 178 cases, the Department’s actions can be characterized under three types* of official misconduct – malfeasance (breaking the law), misfeasance (wrongful actions) and negligence (careless behavior).

For this investigation, our team analyzed 1,000 of DEP’s 4,108 drinking water complaints. The 178 cases of misconduct are available for public review in this online spreadsheet, which includes the names of the DEP inspectors and supervisors responsible for each case.

Anyone can submit inquiries to the Office of Attorney General by calling 717.787.3391 or by filling out the contact form in the article and citing this report

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