Video: Hidden Data Suggests Fracking Created Widespread, Systemic Impact in Pennsylvania

This video was edited by EDGE Member for Public Herald.

After a 3-year investigation in Pennsylvania, Public Herald has uncovered evidence of widespread and systemic impacts related to “fracking,” a controversial oil and gas technology. Ending over a decade of suppression by the state, this evidence is now available to the public for the first time.

Read the story:

“You’re telling me that there are thousands of people [who say their water was impacted by oil and gas] in Pennsylvania that want to fool the DEP? I can’t accept that,” said Dr. Stolz.

Of the complaint total, 4,108 cases are categorized by DEP as “water supply” complaints.

Throughout Pennsylvania, DEP has determined that only 284 water supplies have ever been impacted by oil and gas operations in the state. This means that DEP considers 94% of drinking water complaints to be completely unrelated to oil and gas.

According to Ingraffea, “This goes to the very heart of the meaning of this data – are the complaints pie in the sky, crying wolf…or are they real?”

“A big part of the problem is that [officials] don’t take these complaints seriously,” Dr. Stolz said. “But when you go out and you meet people…you realize that this is for real. And until that attitude changes in Harrisburg, we’re going to continue seeing these complaints swept under the table.”"

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