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DAPL contracts due to expire on January 1, 2017

Photo by Tom Jefferson

(copy sourced from Sightline Institute)

On January 1st, the Dakota Access Pipeline agreement expires, meaning that those "who have contracts to purchase oil from Dakota Access [can] exercise their rights to cancel due to the delay."

“In connection with its long-term transportation contracts with 9 committed shippers, Dakota Access has committed to complete, test and have DAPL in service by January 1, 2017. The long-term transportation contracts give shippers a right to terminate their commitments if DAPL is not in full service per the contract deadline…and loss of shippers to the project could effectively result in project cancellation.”

To read more extensive coverage, go to:

To keep updated on the Standing Rock #noDAPL fight, go to:

To get involved with the group Philly Stands With Standing Rock, connect here:

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