Colorado Community Movement to Amend State Constitution Fracking Laws

This video was created by Yes for Health and Safety over Fracking.

EDGE member travels to Colorado to help with the fight on getting two constitutional amendments on the ballot in the state. This would establish local control and prevent more harm from fracking, making way for the transition to a healthier more sustainable economy. This could set a precedence for local communities in other states across the country to gain back control over the impacts of the fracking industry.

Ballot 75 - local control - grants communities the right to decide for themselves if and how oil and gas development occurs in their communities.

Ballot 78 - mandatory setbacks - requires half-mile setbacks for oil and gas development around homes, schools, playgrounds and other sensitive areas.

Win or lose this round, every ounce of effort exerted is ointment on the wounds of all the injustice we witness and experience daily.

There is a difference between accepting injustice without a fight and fighting every step of the way. The difference is the attitudes and values we cultivate, the skills we hone, the relationships we nurture, and the stories of resistance we write.

UPDATE: Colorado anti-fracking measures fail to make ballot.

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