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Pictures: Tell Philadelphia Regional Port Authority - No More Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

For months now, we’ve been mobilizing to pressure the Port Authority and Governor Wolf to prioritize good-paying jobs and our health over fossil fuel expansion. On May 19th, the staff of the Port Authority even came out to a Town Hall meeting in Kingsessing neighborhood. We shared stories about the impacts of the oil refinery on neighborhood residents and demanded that they immediately disqualify the Philadelphia Energy Solutions’ proposal to expand.

With conflicts of interest on the PRPA Board, we know we can’t sit back and trust them to make the right decision. Board members include real estate investors and corporate lawyers whose interests are more aligned with PES and their corporate allies than working Philadelphians. For instance, board member Robert Clark’s law firm represents 6 companies that are part of plans to develop Philadelphia as an energy hub, including Sunoco, which jointly-owns PES.


Info about national interest and roots uniting beyond individual projects:

Nationwide grassroots groups are coming together to oppose the many tentacles of dirty energy behemoth Energy Transfer Partners!

Would you like to get involved?

1) Please SHARE #StopETP & #WaterIsLife hashtagged postings like this one and feel free to creatively include related messaging from your local & project struggles. "No #PHLenergyhub" or #RightToBreathe, for example, or like the example in this post :)

2) Show us your solidarity and understanding for the need to take these evil institutions on TOGETHER: Send us a photo of yourself or your group(s) with your own sign messaging with the appended StopETP & WaterIsLife hashtags -- this can be super-simple, and a first step to working alongside others who are courageously facing off against ETP's bullying & attempted domination.

To send us photos and expose ETP, please email:

Some Background:

This national StopETP effort seeks to expose the various ETP projects, subsidiary companies & conspirators including, but not limited to:#KelcyWarren, CEO of ETP, Energy Transfer Equity, Energy Transfer Crude Oil Company LLC, Williams Partners (through an ongoing merger), Dakota Access LLC, Sunoco LP, Sunoco Logistics, Carylye Group, Philadelphia Energy Solutions, Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company, LP, Rover Pipeline LLC, ETP Crude LLC, Lone Star NGL LLC, Sunoco Logistics Partners LP, and Energy Transfer LNG (fracked liquefied natural gas). In fact, Lake Charles LNG Export Company, LLC, an entity owned by Energy Transfer Equity and Energy Transfer Partners, is in the process of developing a gas liquefaction project in Louisiana in conjunction with Royal Dutch Shell.

Some projects you may know (or you should know about, now) are the Mariner East 2 NGL (fracked natural gas liquids) Pipeline, the Atlantic Sunrise fracked gas pipeline, the Trans Pecos fracked gas pipeline, the Dakota Access Bakken Crude Oil pipeline, Lake Charles LNG, and the massively polluting Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refining Complex -- and these are just a few examples of projects that communities are fighting across the country.

As you can see above, ETP has a diversified portfolio and agenda for extreme energy exploitation and abuse; a unifying issue that is impinged and defiled throughout all stages of ETP's business as usual dealings is the essential, immutable value of fresh, clean water.

The truth that "Water is Life", or "Mni Wiconi" in Lakota, unites resistance communities as well as all communities that value and understand the shared gift of water and the survival imperative to protect it at all costs.

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