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Stop Sunoco's Pipeline Tree-Cutting in PA! Emergency Call-in THIS Monday!

Stop Sunoco's Pipeline Tree-Cutting in PA! Emergency Call-in THIS Monday!

Sunoco plans to cut down three acres of trees on the Gerhart family's Huntingdon County property to make way for its Mariner East 2 pipeline project by April 1st. The Gerhart family is opposed to Sunoco's attempted taking of their land and has not agreed to any settlement with the company. Not only is Sunoco lacking in necessary water-crossing and erosion permits, its claims to eminent domain are under challenge in Pennsylvania courts. This tree-clearing would devastate the land the Gerhart family has preserved for decades.

Call Governor Wolf and DEP Secretary John Quigley to say the pipeline has not yet received DEP's Clean Streams Law permits for crossing the stream and wetland on their property and Sunoco has never considered an alternative route for the project.

Sunoco misrepresented and underestimated the size, classification and number of wetlands and streams on the property in its application. Sunoco plans to cut trees on these areas without necessary permits and no agency is overseeing them.

The Gerhart family has faithfully preserved these woods under the Pennsylvania Forest Stewardship program for over twenty years.

This is DEP’s opportunity to show that it is serious about enforcing the laws created to protect Pennsylvania’s residents, wildlife, and environment.

DEP should contact Sunoco immediately and tell them they must not cut any trees on the Gerharts’ property until Sunoco submits an accurate application and receives the permits necessary for this work.

Tom Wolf Phone: 717-787-2500 Fax: 717-772-8284 Twitter: @GovernorTomWolf John Quigley Phone: 717-787-2814 Fax: 717-705-4980 Email: Twitter: @SecQuigley

PRESS KIT: Please share this link with any local or national media contacts you have.…/1xyIH3_Jgpsw1nX4etGbB9KVeix…/edit…

DONATIONS: Tax-deductible donations for legal fees and logistical costs are being accepted and managed by Energy Justice Network. Donate here and please share the link!…/ Checks to "Energy Justice Network" with "Mariner" in the memo can also be mailed to 1434 Elbridge St Philadelphia 19149.

If you are able to come to the property in person to help deter tree-cutting crews, contact the hosts of this event via private message with your *phone, e-mail, and dates and times you are available through April 1* and you will be contacted with more details.

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