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Video: The People's Task Force Pennsylvania - No More Pipelines

This video was edited together by EDGE.

In July of 2015, newly elected Governor of PA, Tom Wolf, formed the Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force (PITF). The PITF determines state policy on expanding pipeline infrastructure. Ten pipelines are being proposed in the Delaware River Watershed in PA, threatening to lay waste to people's lives and livelihoods. But the PITF was never designed to take into account the scientifically backed concerns of shalefield communities. 92% of the non-governmental members have ties to the fracking industry. In other words, the decisions are being made by those who will profit off expanded infrastructure without including those who will bear the costs.

This video tells the story of PA residents & public health advocates who made sacrifices to sit through every all day meeting just for the chance to have two minutes to plea to the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection to save them from the destruction and exploitation to come. What happens when the People finally get tired of begging?

Contact Gov. Wolf -


Tell him to:

*Ban Fracking Now

*Stop the Expansion of Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

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