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Video: What about our clean energy future?

This video was edited together by EDGE.

Oil and fracking bomb trains + pipelines vs. our clean energy future...

This video is an educational resource cataloging some of the oil and fracking bomb train accidents in the first half of 2015. Let's remember the 47 who died two years ago today, July 6, 2013, in the Lac Megantic, Canada oil train explosion. This week over a hundred actions are taking place across North America for the National Week of Action to Stop Oil Trains. May 2015 - Obama Administration released weak new safety rules that fail to protect the 25 mil. Americans who live in the oil train blast zone, critical drinking water supplies, or wildlife along remote train routes. 60% of people living in danger of exploding oil trains are people of color. Over 25,000,000 Americans and Canadians are at risk of an oil train explosion. We are not going stand quietly and let dangerous crude through our town! Join us and 100 communities around North America to #StopOilTrains! Q. What do these places have in common? West Virginia, North Dakota, Indiana, Ontario, Canada…. A. Places where an oil train derailed in 2015. Don’t let our community be next. #StopOilTrain week of action July 6 - 12, 2015

#commercial #hydraulicfracturing #fossilfuel #pipeline #pennsylvania #nomorepipelines #oiltrains #stopoiltrains #LacMegantic #banfracking #marcellusshale #emergencymanagment #governortomwolf #edge #fracking

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