The spoils of the Marcellus Shale gas fields

The spoils of the Marcellus Shale gas fields will gush into the core of the city and its suburbs through broad new pipelines. Gargantuan processing facilities, built with billions of dollars of global capital, will rise like steel stalagmites along the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers. New factories — lured by the abundant low-cost energy the pipelines provide — will hire thousands of working-classresidents to make plastic, steel, cement and countless consumer goods. Air pollution will increase, but so will the local GDP, as energy traders and executives fill up downtown office buildings." Thought fracking was a rural problem? Sorry Philly, but all that toxic stuff they're pumping into the ground is going to get shipped through our city on it's way out to export, leaking waste all along the way just to line executive pockets. And we know all those jobs they talk about aren't going to any of us, at least not the ones that pay a fair wage, but will instead go to the industry's buddies from out of state that will drive up our property costs and force long-time residents out. We here at EDGE Philly are working to bring together the farmers of rural PA- whose land is being poisoned by nearby wells- with Philly residents who will see increased income inequality and more toxic explosive waste in densely populated areas. Banners, printing, travel, costumes & art for actions: It adds up! We are shamelessly asking for any penny you can give to help the fight to ban fracking in PA!

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