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P.E.S. causes 72% of Toxix pollution in Philadelphia

As America's 3rd poorest city(, it's no surprise that many Philadelphians could be conned by Philadelphia Energy Solutions CEO Phil Rinaldi when he starts talking about all the jobs that will supposedly created by the Philadelphia Energy Hub. But let's be clear, a Fossil Fuel Energy Hub launches Philly into the past, not the future, and at what cost?

"New pollution would come on top of already heavy emissions. While our skies are clearer than they were a half-century ago, our children are still reaching for inhalers at alarming rates: Philadelphia is the fifth most challenging city for people with asthma, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The city ranks 11th worst nationally for the ozone that makes up smog, and 16th for particle pollution or soot.

Some 1,550 such deaths could be prevented in the Philadelphia metro area every year if air quality standards for particulates were tightened..."…/haunted-by-an-industrial-future…

In a recent interview, Rinaldi said about Philadelphia, "[T]o a guy like me, it's a beautiful blank canvas in which to exploit...And that's the whole idea is about creating a hub so that you can then sequentially build lots of things that exploit it."

Mr. Rinaldi, Philadelphians have been exploited enough. We don't need your dirty fossil fuel hub. We want a future focused on clean energy and green jobs. We want our children to be healthy and breathe clean air. Otherwise, what would we be working for?

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