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EDGE Philly is a group of activists & artists committed to Ending Dirty Gas Exploitation by Encouraging Development of a Green Economy.


We believe that the fight for environmental justice is inextricably linked to the fight against systemic oppressions such as racism, misogyny, and ableism. To value life means to value quality of life and equitable access to essential resources (clean air, water, and land) for all. EDGE feels that existing options for involvement led by NGOs and parachute activists aren’t the right fit for many people who are directly affected by fossil fuel infrastructure. People deserve the ability to act autonomously for their communities while still connecting to broader efforts.

EDGE engages in artful activism and pushes the boundaries of political engagement through direct action. We believe that making the experiences and needs of impacted communities central to our process helps us avoid false solutions.  


Our current focus is building coalitions and strategy to push for a ban on fracking in PA and an end to fossil fuel infrastructure in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is targeted to become a fossil fuel energy hub bearing the brunt of fracked gas, oil transportation, and processing in the region. In addition to existing oil trains, natural gas pipelines, and refineries in the area, this hub would mean a massive build-out of additional pipelines, processing, and export facilities. EDGE works to build connections between the abuse of residents in the Pennsylvania shalefields and the income inequality and pollution of urban Philadelphia.

We are an all volunteer group and all donations go right back into supporting our current campaigns.

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